Nicole Richie Has Purple Hair Now

Nicole Richie Copies Kelly Osbourne's Signature Look

It looks like Nicole Richie is taking a page from Kelly Osbourne's book!

The star dyed her brown hair a unique shade of lavender, following an Instagram tease of her style plans. Richie initially shared a photo of herself sporting the look last Monday, Feb. 24, but eventually revealed that her new color was a result of Photoshop and not a permanent switch.

However, Osbourne, well–known for her iconic purple hair, was excited at the idea of pal Richie joining in on the trend. Osbourne shared Richie's photo with the caption, "I'm in loooooove with @nicolerichie even more now I have seen this pic! I dare you to make it permanent so we can match!!!!"

Apparently, Richie took Osbourne's words to heart, as she stepped out with the real–life look Sunday night, March 2. She later shared a closeup photo of her purple locks, writing, "About last night…"

Richie is a big fan of wigs and style changes, so we'll have to wait to see if the new look is a permanent switch or just for fun. Either way, spring is for new beginnings, right?

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Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie

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