Nicole Westbrook's 'It's Thanksgiving' Gives Rebecca Black A Run For Her Money (VIDEO)

Move over, Rebecca Black jokes, there's a new nightmare forced-meme music video in town and its name is "It's Thanksgiving."

This YouTube jam's premise is simple: It does for holidays what "Friday" did for days of the week. And sure, Christmas and the Fourth of July are awesome, but tween songstress Nicole Westbrook is all about Turkey Day.

The lyrics and music are straight from the brain of Patrice Wilson, the guy behind Black's 2011 ARK Music Factory hit, so it has the repetition and lyricism we all know and love, but now with some added holiday cheer.

Could Westbrook be the new Black? Signs point to "probably."

Keep your ears peeled for the rap breakdown about two thirds of the way through.

"Can't be hateful, gotta be grateful!"

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