Nicolette Mason Proves Why Queer Voices Matter In Fashion

Here's Why Queer Voices In Fashion Matter

The fashion industry is quick to embrace new trends, colors and styles. But when it comes to including diverse voices and physical representations, the stylish set still fails.

PBS Digital Studios' "First Person" series sets up conversations about gender, sexuality and queerness in our cultural landscape. In this week's episode, "Queering Fashion," host Kristin Russo (of Everyone Is Gay fame) talks to writer and entrepreneur Nicolette Mason, BuzzFeed beauty editor and writer Arabelle Sicardi and Rae Tutera of The Handsome Butch.

The conversation touched on many fascinating points but an interesting exchange occurred when Russo asked what the fashion industry needs to do in order to change the narrow way in which queer style is defined.

"Personally, I would love to stop seeing the centering and prioritizing of thin, white masculine-of-center, affluent bodies," Mason said.

While Mason added that that particular group should be represented, she continued, saying, "There are so many other identities and cultures and body types and shapes and expressions that exist in the queer community and they're so rarely put front and center."

Sicardi and Tutera agreed, noting that androgyny doesn't necessarily mean looking masculine or feminine, but depends on how a person chooses to define it.

Watch the rest of the video above and catch up on "First Person," which airs on YouTube on Thursdays.

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