Nicolle Wallace: Trump Knows He’s In Trouble ― And RNC Lineup Proves It

The MSNBC host told the president: "You are bleeped with your base."

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace said there’s a big problem with the Republican National Convention.

“If you look at what a convention is supposed to do, it’s supposed to put you over the edge with the swing voter,” she said. “And there just wasn’t much for them.”

Instead, she said, Republicans are trying to shore up President Donald Trump’s base with appearances by people such Mark and Patricia McCloskey, also known as the “St. Louis Gun Couple.

“If you are still speaking to people who are moved by the McCloskeys, you are bleeped with your base,” Wallace said. “They may remind your base what they liked about you,” but not those swing voters.

Swing voters are seeing a picture of a “scary America” with reminders of crime and lawlessness during Trump’s tenure.

“A swing voter’s going to say, ‘Well, if America is scary now, Donald Trump’s running America,’” she said. “It’s not a message you give if you’ve locked up your base.”

Wallace also said Trump’s use of the White House and official functions for campaign events showed “the audacity of the grift on full display all night.”

“What strikes me is we are still four years in so ill-equipped for the depth of the griftiness of the Trump family and the audacity of the lies they tell,” she said. “We can’t keep up with the propaganda.”