Hillary Clinton's Campaign Just Mistook A Bernie Supporter For Someone 'With Her'


Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign Twitter account on Tuesday retweeted an emotional photo of a woman wiping away tears at the Democratic National Convention.

“We made history,” the caption read.

But the photo that Hillary for America retweeted featured Nida Allam, a regional field director for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) presidential campaign.

Allam responded to the tweet:

Allam told The Huffington Post she thought Clinton’s campaign was wrong for “trying to shape me as a poster for her, using my hijab and ethnicity to her advantage without verifying.” 

“I’m a strong Bernie supporter who will support the nominee from our party in November,” Allam said. She added that Clinton’s campaign misconstrued “my raw emotions as support for her when it is truly the emotions of a years worth of hard work and dedication to the revolution, and realizing that though the campaign is over, the revolution has just begun.” 

GoFundMe page created by Allam in May to raise money for her trip to the DNC says she has worked to help Sanders get elected since July 2015, volunteering before joining his staff full time in January. 

Allam is a recent graduate of North Carolina State University, where she studied sustainable materials and technology. She introduced Sanders when he spoke at there in February. 

“We must continue to work to elect representative and senators who support Bernie’s platform,” Allam said. “We must not and will not give up.” 

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