Child Calls Out Nigel Farage Over His Immigration Stance On Live British TV

“My mummy says you hate foreigners.”

British politician and Brexit leader Nigel Farage was sweetly knighted and then swiftly dissed when a young girl called him out on live television.

During a fun segment on the U.K. show “Sam Delaney’s News Thing,” Farage was jokingly tapped with a plastic sword by a girl wearing a fake crown and red cape. Delaney, who often discusses politics and news on his nightly show, said, “You are now Sir Nigel Farage. We’re also making you honorary British ambassador to America.”

As the two men laughed, the camera cut away to the young girl.

“My mummy says you hate foreigners,” she said.

Delaney quickly reacted, saying, “No, no, little girl! No, no, no, no, you’re not supposed to say that! That’s very naughty!”

Farage continued trying to keep the mood light.

“The queen has to be nonpolitical,” Farage said.

In January, Farage praised U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration executive order limiting Muslim entry into the United States. Farage has also called on the British government to impose immigration vetting.

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