Diplomat's Reaction To Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Is Pretty Much Perfect

Face palm forever.

Nigel Farage, the head of Britain's U.K. Independence Party and the de facto leader of Brexit, gave a fiery speech to the European Parliament on Tuesday during which he insulted European Union members and gloated about his recent victory.

"You all laughed at me," he said. "Well, I have to say, you’re not laughing now, are you?”

Farage also suggested that the other diplomats in the room had "never done a day's work."

The man sitting behind Farage -- Lithuanian Health Minister Vytenis Andriukaitis -- reacted in a way that likely sums up how a lot of people in the room may have been feeling:

His facial expression was echoed in comments made later by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

"You were fighting for the exit," he told Farage. "The British people voted in favor of the exit. Why are you here?"

Brits voted in a referendum last week to leave the EU, ending a long and contentious battle between the two sides. The results have serious implications for the U.K. -- the pound's value plummeted with minutes of the news, hate crime is on the rise, and Scotland and Northern Ireland are at risk of leaving too.

The Brexit could also have disastrous consequences for the EU itself. Global markets have taken a huge hit in recent days. There's public support for comparable referendums in other EU member countries, including 55 percent in France, according to a recent Ipsos MORI poll. Similarly, opinion polls show significant support in the Netherlands for the conservative Party for Freedom, whose leader has encouraged a so-called “Nexit.”

So no, Nigel, no one's laughing now.

Clarification: Language has been amended to include additional information about European countries' support for referendums on EU membership.

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