Wisconsin Badger Nigel Hayes Calls Out NCAA With 'Broke College Athlete' Sign

The poster directed viewers to a Venmo account.

On Wednesday, Wisconsin basketball player Nigel Hayes told ESPN’s College GameDay that he would join the football pre-game show in Madison before the Badgers took on Ohio State. He said he’d have a “great sign,” too.

On Saturday, he delivered.

“BROKE COLLEGE ATHLETE, ANYTHING HELPS” Hayes’ poster says, directing viewers to the Venmo account “BrokeBadger1.”

The Venmo account listed appears to be in the name of Taurean Villolovos, who is also a former high school basketball player from Toledo, Ohio, according to Yahoo Sports. The account received several payments as of Saturday.

This isn’t the first time Hayes has spoken out about his feelings toward the NCAA’s philosophy on amateurism and college athletics. The junior shared his thoughts on Twitter Friday about the lack of compensation for college athletes.