Nigella Douses Self In Salted Caramel As Guest Editor For Stylist Magazine

Nigella Lawson Douses Self In Salted Caramel

2011-12-07-nigellalawsonstylistmagazinecovercaramel.jpegIf someone really loved salted caramel, she could proclaim that love by consuming the sweet treat. Or she could pour the sugary sauce over her head, photograph it and put it on the cover of a magazine. That just so happens to be the way cookbook author and TV personality Nigella Lawson shared her love for this sweet confection with the world -- as Eater brought to light -- with an image of caramel dripping down her heavily made-up face on the latest cover of Stylist.

Nigella denies that this haunting image is by any means sexual in nature. In an interview with the London Times, Nigella maintains that this image "is simply rapturous joy in caramel," the Daily Mail reports. Well, we have never seen such joy take this form in the past, and we certainly hope that it sticks to its usual smiles from here on out.

It is safe to assume that not everyone perceives the Domestic Goddess' cover in the innocent light she may have hoped for. Celebrities do have a history of dousing themselves in food items while suggestively posing for the camera. If you have managed to forget some of the more striking erotic food photographs, Grub Street has nicely rounded up some of the best ones to refresh your memory. From images of actress Josie Maran spraying her face with milk straight from an udder to Giada De Laurentiis playing in a vat of tomato sauce -- feels like we have seen it all.

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