Nigella Lawson's Carbonara Recipe Has The Internet In An Uproar

Some foods are sacred.

It’s no secret Nigella Lawson is prone to upsetting people with her unconventional recipes. She recently posted a recipe that is made of tomatoes and salad cream, which was fine until she called it a salad and folks were not having it. She also put lettuce in the oven once, and the internet totally lost it.

Now, she’s gone and done it again ― but this time with carbonara, a dish that Italians (and eaters of the world) clearly feel very protective of.

Lawson added cream to her spaghetti alla carbonara, and Twitter followers freaked out. Although she prefaced her choice by stating the recipe is “not entirely authentic,” that disclaimer was not enough. People were offended by her ingredient list and they weren’t afraid to tweet it.

The inclusion of nutmeg and Parmesan was also not okay.

Carbonara is usually made with nothing more than egg yolks, guanciale ― not bacon and not pancetta ― pecorino, pasta, olive oil, salt and pepper. That’s it. No peas. No cream. And definitely no zoodles.

Yes. Yes, we would, Vanessa.

For a true spaghetti all carbonara, try this authentic recipe at Epicurious.

H/T Eater