People Are Rattled By How Much This Nigerian Man Looks Like Chadwick Boseman

Suleiman Abdulfatai looks like he could be the actor's long-lost brother.

Suleiman Abdulfatai is a native of Nigeria, 31 years old, a graphic designer and a clothing designer. He’s also a dead ringer for Chadwick Boseman.

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Abdulfatai, whose Twitter handle is @fhatoh_s, posted a selfie earlier this week on Twitter, and people were immediately shook about his famous doppelgänger.

For reference, this is “Black Panther” star Boseman:

Abdulfatai, who lives in the Nigerian capital Abuja, told HuffPost that he realized he looked like Boseman when “Black Panther” came out. 

“I didn’t watch it early like other guys did,” he told us, but when he started getting calls about the resemblance to the main character, he “decided to go watch it.”

Then this week, Abdulfatai posted his picture on Twitter with the hashtag #FineEbiraTwitter, and the first comment he got was about Boseman. And the comments about the actor and designer’s similarities have not slowed down at all:

Abdulfatai says the responses about his celebrity twin have been “overwhelming.”

“I feel so happy to be finally recognized and be compared to Chadwick,” he told HuffPost. “To my new fans, may God continue to bless every single one you out there.”

As for Boseman’s thoughts on the likeness, his representative declined to provide a comment. 

Hopefully, he’ll come around and we can look forward to a “Black Panther 2” with some sort of brother component in the future. Wakanda forever!



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