Nigerian Woman Divorces Husband For Talking Too Much

The Strangest Grounds For Divorce Yet?

In a marriage, sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut.

Unfortunately, one Nigerian husband didn't heed this advice. His wife, 38-year-old Mariam Adunni, filed to divorce him after six years of marriage because he talked too much and was unable to keep family secrets, according to PM News Nigeria.

“My husband is fond of sharing our family affairs with his relatives and friends,” Adunni reportedly told the court. “My husband has no trust in me, instead he shares his problems with friends and relatives who will mislead him.”

Her husband, with whom she has two children, agreed to dissolve the marriage and the divorce was granted.

A blabbermouth spouse isn't the strangest grounds for divorce we've ever heard. From one woman who couldn't stand her husband's love of chores to another who filed for divorce over a lack of sex, click through the slides below for seven outlandish split stories.

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