Why Is Nightlife So Important To The Queer Black And Latino Communities?

"I want to develop an authentic conversation of who we are as Blatino gay men."

A new documentary is taking an important look at the role nightlife spaces play in American Latino and black queer communities.

“Dancing in the Dark,” from filmmaker Adomako Aman, brings the stories and lives of those navigating queer nightlife spaces into conversation with one another. Nightlife has played an active role in providing safe and creative spaces for queers to come together for decades and the film pays special attention to the black, Latino and Blatino communities.

“It is tough being a brown skin[ned] person in America,” Aman told The Huffington Post. “Then, to be a brown skin LGBTQ+ member in America means there are triple the amount of obstacles we face in order to live in a space that can be considered safe. Mainstream media does not gives us authentic stories that we can run with so nightlife becomes that space where we create our own stories and experiences. But the thing is people fail to look over these amazing stories we have.”

Check out “Dancing in the Dark” for yourself above and head here to learn more about Adomako Aman.