Night Visions and Day Dreaming

Dreams, or night visions, have always been key to my creativity. Even as a child, I dreamt in epics -- tales that would go on for nights, filled with characters, situations, adventures and even profound revelations. Even today, characters from those long ago epics made guest appearances in my work. There was this one guy who... never mind, you'll have to read the book to find out.

My yiayia (that's grandmother in Greek) always told me to pay attention to the stories in my dreams, and that if I did I'd be able to do wonderful things. I sure hope so, since I just sent off my latest work, a revised Shadows in Light, Book One of an anticipated series to an amazing agent considering representing me. My inspiration for the Hidden Rims Saga came from a single phrase running though my dreams. No matter what the dream subject, for months on end, "Kai drove down the night darkened streets of the polis in a slow burning rage, and Maia, understanding his anger, wept for him," ran through my dreams just before I awoke. From this sentence hung the entire premise of the books, and eventually each night when I fell asleep and slowly and surely, the Hidden Rims were revealed and came into being a dark, urban fantasy erotic thriller that came entirely from my dreams.

Even my latest published story, "Twilight's First Dreaming" (please note the name), which appears in King of Ages: A King Arthur Anthology, was inspired by dreaming of a dystopian future in desperate need of King Arthur in any manifestation. My dreams must have led me in the right direction since a review on Goodreads states:

Twilight's First Dreaming -- An amazing story!... This is another sci-fi story but not in space like the previous ones. A very clever way to present the characters... and I am a big fan of stories that feature Sir Kay, so I couldn't be happier... to see [him] as a sensible and likable character. Post-apocalyptic/dystopian future is one of my favourite settings, and I wasn't disappointed.

All my stories, my books -- even my first novel, Exiles of Dal Ryeas -- all stem from my dreams. It's been comforting to have this ability, these night visions, especially in light of the reality of my daydreams. These aren't quite as rewarding as those night visions.

I daydream of finding a good man to love -- and who will love me. (I often fantasize about this, and I think that seeps into the night works.) Hope springs eternal, and I refuse to give up.

I daydream of being embraced and surrounded by people who love me, and not just when I attend a funeral.

I also daydream of a world where bloviating buffoons do not run for President and are not even mildly considered as qualified. I mean, seriously? I understand why the good people don't want to run -- it's a brutal game, and who wants to be subjected to the scrutiny and vilification that accompanies a campaign, but still?

I daydream of a world where we respect one another and allow different beliefs to thrive without violence and hate. Where ISIS is an ancient Egyptian goddess of life and fertility, and not vile, backwards, hate-filled angry men who want anyone without their narrow worldview beheaded and enslaved.

I daydream of a world where men aren't so insecure that women scare them, so they have to feel the need to subjugate them; where women are free to make their own choices in private.

I daydream about a civil society.

I am sure that these reflect my naiveté and wish fulfillment hopes rather than reality. I guess that's why the night visions just work better.