NightBus Introduces 'Three-Way Stereo' Listening Experience

Pop Band Introduces 'Three-Way Stereo' Listening Experience

Splitting instruments and sounds between the left and right channels on a stereo makes for a much more pleasant listening experience -- except when you are sharing headphones with a friend. (Hearing only half of a song is less than satisfying.) But what if stereo sound could be used to provide a whole unique experience within each earbud? This was the question posed by Steve Greenberg, best known as the man behind hits by Hanson and Baha Men, and answered by Jack Kennedy of the Los Angeles/London-based, dance-pop collective NightBus.

Kennedy, in-house producer and one of the vocalists for NightBus, and his three bandmates crafted their song "When The Night Time Comes" by plugging separate but complementary versions of the track into each audio channel. On the right side, listeners hear a Kennedy-fronted pop-rock tune. On the left side, an electronic dance number fronted by co-vocalist Hannah Melbourn. When the two tracks come together, listeners get an entirely different third single. The band is calling this new production technique "three-way stereo."

“The idea was to make it sound like two totally separate recordings of the song,” Kennedy told The New York Times, “so that when you listen to them individually they have different vibes, but when they combine they still work, and they don’t clash.”

You can listen to the band's three-way stereo single below, and pick up their new EP, which features all three versions of "When The Night Time Comes" and two other songs, on iTunes on Jan. 14.

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