None Of The Nightly News Shows Led With The Kavanaugh Hearing

Neither ABC nor NBC nor CBS led its evening broadcast with what was Tuesday's most consequential story: the hearing for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Not a single one of the major news networks’ nightly broadcasts on Tuesday evening led with what was arguably the day’s biggest story: the confirmation hearing for President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

On Tuesday, Kavanaugh went before the Senate Judiciary Committee for the first day of his confirmation hearing. The hearing continued on Wednesday.

Trump announced Kavanaugh as his pick to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on July 9.

The position is a lifetime appointment, in which Kavanaugh will likely be weighing in on cases that decide key issues such as abortion rights, gun control, LGBTQ rights, health care access and more.

Protesters showed up outside the hearing Tuesday in “Handmaid’s Tale” gowns. Demonstrators inside interrupted with shouts throughout the proceedings. As the hearing began, Democratic lawmakers called for it to be postponed until they had a chance to read through the 42,000 pages of documents they were given just hours before the hearing started.

Neither ABC nor NBC nor CBS led with the story in their nightly news broadcast on Tuesday evening. While all of them included the hearing as one of the main stories of the day, they all chose to cover it only after other segments on the hurricane watch in the Gulf Coast and journalist Bob Woodward’s new book on the Trump White House.

ABC’s “World News Tonight” got to its segment on Kavanaugh about 10 minutes into its 20-minute broadcast. “CBS Evening News” also didn’t cover it until after 10 minutes, halfway through its broadcast. And “NBC Nightly News” addressed it about seven minutes in, after other segments.

ABC and CBS declined to comment on the record to HuffPost, and NBC did not immediately return a request for comment.