The Only Definitive Holiday You Should Watch 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

It's not Easter or New Year's or Thanksgiving or St. Patrick's Day. It's definitely not Groundhog Day.

Perhaps you have been confused your whole life as to when you should be seasonally watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas." The movie has a very Halloween vibe, but centers around the holiday of candy canes, evergreens and proclamations of "fahoo fores, dahoo dores."

But if you thought Jack Skellington should be brought into your home during the same December movie marathon session as "The Grinch," you're about to get sleighed.

During a Q&A at the Telluride Horror Show film festival, director Henry Selick clarified over which holiday you should be viewing his festivity-bending movie from 1993.

"It's a Halloween movie," said Selick.

The host of the Q&A, Devin Faraci, the editor-in-chief of Birth.Movies.Death, clarified Selick's views, writing, "This is a Halloween movie for people who realize Halloween isn't just one day out of the year."

Definitive answer: Halloween.

Will you still watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas" in December? Do the creators of art have control over its eventual meaning to fans? Are you still excited about the inevitable sequels, "The Nightmare On Christmas," "The Nightmare After Christmas" and "The Nightmare Be4 Christmas"? When is your favorite time of year to have a nightmare?


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