The Hilarious Nightmare Of Putting Together Barbie's Dreamhouse

Hang in there, parents.
HOW TO Put Together a Barbie Dreamhouse

This goes out to anyone who has ever attempted the impossible...assembling a Barbie Dreamhouse. Thanks to Baby Sideburns for all the laughs while filming this new series!

Posted by What's Up Moms? on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Barbie's Dreamhouse is a nice pad, no doubt. The task of putting it together is not so nice.

A video from What's Up Moms perfectly captures the struggles parents face when it comes to putting together Barbie's home. From trying to decipher the many diagrams in the instructions to attempting to construct the elevator (because she can't just take the stairs), getting Barbie's house up and ready for your kids can be a hilarious nightmare.

Kudos to all the parents out there putting together their kids' toys. We believe in you.

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