17 Hilariously Terrified Reactions At Nightmares Fear Factory Haunted House (PHOTOS)

You know that moment when you enter a haunted house and think, "I'm not going to get scared"? We all say it, but you'd be surprised how terrified you can look after a startling noise comes out of the dark.

Good thing there's photo evidence.

The Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada has uploaded an abundance of these terrified reactions to Flickr in what has to be the biggest gallery of frightened faces you'll ever see. They're able to capture them using a hidden camera (and what we're assuming is a giant flash) during a part of the tour that's obviously pretty scary -- and the results are hilarious.

The "victims" range from groups of kids on awkward middle school dates to dads dressed up like Indiana Jones and just about everything in between. There are a few people who don't appear to be phased by whatever is happening, but for the most part everyone gets a good scare.

You can see our 17 favorite reactions below (don't forget vote for your favorite!) and check out the Nightmares Fear Factory Flickr for more hilarious photos.

She doesn't even have to look to be scared

17 Hilarious Haunted House Reactions

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