Nihilisa Frank Is Here To Make You Shed Heart-Shaped Tears Into A Rainbow Abyss

Because life is torment, gurl!

Remember Lisa Frank -- the legendary '90s illustrator who brought us tuxedoed teddy bears tucked into rainbow ice cream sundaes, best friend dolphins who chill in the shape of a heart, and intergalactic aliens with cute outfits and rave bracelets?

Remember the fact that we all die alone?

Nihilisa Frank is the brilliant Tumblr account sprinkling some hearts, stars, rainbows and butterflies atop your existential dread. Because nothing says "my soul is a black maelstrom" like a baby panda.

In case you had any doubt, Nihilisa Frank is unaffiliated with Her Majesty Lisa. I reached out to the artist's camp to gauge their thoughts on this unusual pairing of flying unicorns and endless nothingness. I'm not holding my breath, however, because doing so would be, like all things in this futile existence we call life, pathetic.

Get ready for your new favorite Tumblr to cry yourself to sleep to. Your dark, dark soul has never been so full of neon.

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