Nik Nowak: 'Panzer'. Sound Performance at Infernoesque Berlin (VIDEO)

Berlin-based artist Nik Nowak likes to rock his audience with strange looking mobile sound systems that emit bass-driven electronic music. His creations bear names like Baron Bass, Sackkarre (sack barrow), and Mobile Booster, and pair powerful speakers with extravagant vehicles. His latest bass monster, "Panzer," is intimidating even after its title lets you know what to expect. Nik Nowak modified a mini-dumper machine with elaborate audio equipment and loudspeakers to create the vehicle, and on the occasion of the opening of the presentation of Panzer at Infernoesque Gallery in Berlin on September 9, 2011, Nik Nowak played live on his tank.

Nik Nowak likes aggressive music and the physical experience of bass. In general, he starts conceiving his machines with drawings and mockups from wood and Styrofoam. Then he realizes the real thing in steel, wood and fiberglass.

Nik Nowak was born in 1981 in Mainz / Germany. He lives and works in Berlin. Nik Nowak studied at the UDK Unversität der Künste in Berlin with Prof. Lothar Baumgarten.

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