Nike Air Yeezy II Sneakers Were Tailored To Kanye West's Feet (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: New Nike Air Yeezy II Sneakers Were Tailored To Kanye's Feet

Because God forbid a week goes by without Kanye making headlines, we are delighted to bring you the rapper's newest project: the Nike Air Yeezy II.

Kanye West's new sneakers, which retail for $250 (and will likely resale for wayyyy more), got an official release date today: June 9. Of course all the cool kids have already nabbed a pair: LeBron James was spotted at a press conference rocking black Air Yeezys while Jay-Z chose the gray -- sorry, "platinum" -- version.

But for all you sneakerheads still waiting around for your own Kanye kicks, here are some fun facts from to keep you sated until June 9:

  • The style was inspired by late '80s basketball sneakers, Nike Air tennis shoes and the "iconic Nike Cross Training silhouettes."
  • The sides are covered with "hand skived anaconda textured leather quarter panels."
  • "Fit was essential to the design with the goal to make the shoe slimmer than the original by tailoring it to Kanye West’s foot." (Emphasis ours.)
  • They look like two small dinosaurs on your feet.

In short, they are very "Kanye" sneakers. Which isn't to say we're not fans: if we had to choose between the Nike Air Yeezy II and Kanye's $6,000 Giuseppe Zanotti heels, we'd choose the former -- they look way more comfortable.

Interested in your own? Check 'em out below and on and get ready to camp out on June 9.

Kanye West's Nike Air Yeezy II

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