Nikita Levy, Gynecologist, Filmed And Photographed Underage Patients Before Killing Himself: Police

Patients always thought Dr. Nikita Levy was creepy.

The Maryland gynecologist was a little too "eager" to see young patients, according to ABC News sources. It wasn't until investigators reportedly found inappropriate photos and videos and Levy killed himself that the pieces fell into place.

Levy was found dead in an apparent suicide in his Towson home this week, CBS News reports. Detectives found more photos and videos of Levy's patients in his home, though parents may never get the answers they wanted.

"Detectives have a lot of material that they have to comb through, servers and servers and hard drives and hard drives worth of information that needs to be forensically analyzed," Baltimore police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told ABC.

Nearly 100 women -- all patients of the Johns Hopkins gynecologist -- have come forward since the finding, fearing that they may be victims themselves, The Baltimore Sun reports. Police said Tuesday that some of the images were recorded using a secret camera inside a pen.

Investigators are checking into Levy's entire career, looking for potential victims. CBS News reports that numerous civil lawsuits are expected to come out of the investigation.



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