Nikki Araguz, Transgender Wife Of Dead Firefighter, Taken To Court By Husband's Family Over Assets

Lawsuit: Dead Firefighter's Wife Is Actually A Man

Nikki Araguz, wife of recently deceased firefighter, Thomas Araguz, is being taken to court by her late husband's relatives over the distribution of his assets.

Born Justin Graham Purdue, Nikki married Thomas in August 2008, but in April of this year, their attorney informed Thomas of his wife's previous identity and they separated.

Thomas Araguz died later on July 4 battling a massive fire.

Lawyers cite that the couple's marriage could not be considered legal because in the state of Texas, in which Thomas and Nikki were Wharton residents, two men cannot be married. The lawsuit claims that under Texas law, a person that undergoes a sex change is still considered the same sex that their birth certificate shows.


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