Nikki Glaser Quickly Explains Why Men Telling Women To Smile Is Creepy

In One Minute, She Sums Up Why Telling Women To Smile Is Creepy

Most women do not enjoy being asked to "smile" by a strange man on the street, yet many men have a hard time understanding why that is.

In comedian Nikki Glaser's minute-long "Rant" for Now This News, she wonders if that's because the same four men have "made it their mission" to tell every woman on Earth to smile and they're just doing a really good job of it.

At least that would explain why it's still so hard to get the point across that "Give me a smile" is definitely a form of harassment.

Watch the video above to hear Glaser's humorous take on the topic, including the not-so-funny reason why she often obeys those unwanted orders to smile, despite the fact that smiling for no reason kinda makes you look like a lunatic.

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