Nikki Haley Wants Biden Investigation, But We 'Can't Keep Chasing Every Trump Drama'

The former governor claimed “whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat, we have got to have accountability” before then dismissing investigating Trump.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is a strong believer in the rule of law ― for Democrats anyway.

The former South Carolina governor appeared on Fox News on Tuesday to speak on a variety of issues but most notably the investigations Republicans seek for President Joe Biden and the investigations that former president Donald Trump is currently facing from the Department of Justice.

Although Haley has previously said that if the charges in the federal indictment of Trump are “true,” then Trump was “incredibly reckless,” on Tuesday she downplayed their significance on Fox News while playing up the accusations that the Biden family is corrupt.

Haley tried to claim that the American people deserve accountability on the Biden accusations and insisted, “whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat, we have got to have accountability.”

Haley insisted that her desire to investigate the Bidens was nonpartisan, but it was her comments about Trump later in the segment that demonstrated how the former governor often demonstrates a fractured view on integrity and intellectual honesty.

Although the charges against the Bidens haven’t been proved and there is plenty of evidence suggesting Trump took and kept government documents without permission, Haley dismissed the new Trump allegations by saying, “We can’t keep chasing every drama that surrounds Trump.”

Many Twitter users were amused, but not surprised by Haley’s hypocrisy.

According to NBC News, Trump currently topped the field of Republican presidential candidates with about 51% of likely Republican primary voters contacted in its recent poll while Haley ran a distant fourth with 4%.

You can watch the whole interview below.

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