Nikki Haley's Clueless New Trump Defense Trashed On Twitter

The former U.N. ambassador under Trump seems to have forgotten all about one of the ex-president's best-known tendencies.

Nikki Haley, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under Donald Trump, was roasted on Twitter Monday for comments she made on Fox News in defense of her old boss.

Haley slammed former Vice President Mike Pence, who last week criticized Trump for pressuring him to overturn the 2020 election results. She did so with an odd choice of words, given her former employer’s tendencies:

Mike Pence is a good man,” Haley said. “He’s an honest man. I think he did what he thought was right on that day. But I will always say, I’m not a fan of Republicans going against Republicans.”

It wasn’t lost on her critics that in attacking Pence, she herself had become a Republican going after a Republican. And, of course, she did so in defense of Trump, who continues to spend much of his energy attacking Republicans he deems disloyal.

That has at times included Haley herself, who has criticized Trump in the past, only to walk it back.

“Well, every time she criticizes me, she uncriticizes me about 15 minutes later,” Trump told Vanity Fair last year.

Haley’s critics responded:

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