Nikki Haley, South Carolina Governor, Calls Domestic Violence Centers 'Special Interests'

S.C. Democrats and victims advocates are demanding an apology from Gov. Nikki Haley after the first-term governor posted a comment on her Facebook page referring to the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault as "special interests."

Shortly after the House unanimously overrode Haley's Veto 51, which cut funding to rape crisis centers throughout the state, she said: "veto of SC Coalition of Domestic Violence $453,680. Special interests made their way into the DHEC budget. This is not about the merit of their fights but the back door way of getting the money. It's wrong and another loophole for legislators and special interests to use. Defeated 111-0"

Democrats are demanding she apologize to rape victims for calling them "special interests." Haley's office reportedly told Adam Beam of The State "that's not what the governor said."

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