Nikki Haley Condemns Biden's Taliban Negotiation, Ignores Trump Did It Too

Luckily, many Twitter users were happy to remind her that the Republicans have done the same thing she's accusing the Democrats of doing.

Nikki Haley insulted the intelligence of her fellow Americans on Wednesday and once again found herself soaking in her own hypocrisy.

On Wednesday, the former ambassador to the United Nations under then-President Donald Trump attacked the Biden administration’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan ― and especially, the administration negotiations with the Taliban, which Haley compared to “dealing with the devil.”

Granted, negotiating with a terrorist organization has bad optics ― which is why the Trump administration was also criticized when it decided to invite Taliban leaders to meet with the president at Camp David just days before the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Haley either forgot that or decided to ignore it when she attempted to own those danged libs with her tough-talking tweet.

Luckily, many Twitter users were happy to remind her that Republicans have done the same thing she’s upset at Democrats for doing.

And some brought receipts in the form of an infamous photo of Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo posing for a photo with a Taliban leader.

Others shook their heads at Haley’s hypocrisy.

In May, Haley criticized Vice President Kamala Harris for not mentioning the troops in a tweet celebrating Memorial Day weekend, only to issue her own holiday tweet that also ignored the military.

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