Nikki Reed Talks 'Twilight,' Duet With Husband Paul McDonald

Nikki Reed Already Thinking About Kids?

It's back! The latest installment of the "Twilight" series opens today and Nikki Reed, who plays Rosalie Hale, spoke to HuffPost Celeb about the role of a lifetime, her newlywed status and having kids!

I can't imagine how cool it must be to be a part of such a huge movie franchise.

At the moment, I'm so close to it that it's hard to have proper perspective on it and be able to talk about it. I mean it does feel cool but in a way it feels cooler to know that my little brother thinks it's so cool.

We had no idea that it would be so huge. In fact, when we first started, we went in thinking we were making a tiny movie -- I mean, not tiny, but I think it had a $20 million budget, which is relatively small.

Did you think it was going to be an artsy teen movie?

Catherine Hardwicke was the director, so I knew it was going to be visual and interesting. There was a small, exclusive group of people that were fans of the book, but you couldn't even compare to what it is now.

Why do you think it's so popular?

I think it's because of this sort of epic love tale which is what it ends up being; it's less about vampires and the fantasy world and more about this love story. The story is told from Bella's perspective, and I think all women relate to that. How Bella is described makes her even more relatable -- she's described as very normal so there's nothing about her that couldn't make her you. Everyone can be Bella.

Also, [there's] the sort of first love thing, where you're willing to die for someone and you don't even think about it ever not working out. There's not one moment when she doubts her feelings for Edward. Bella and Edward have that first love thing where there's nothing that could ever stop this.

When you met the guys in the cast were you like, 'Wow they are hot'?

Every single cast member is good looking. There are so many good looking people in Hollywood. It really does become more about getting to know people. I don't know the word to describe when you're sort of used to that. I think it's about who people are, and that's what I find interesting.

You just got married. That was a bit of a whirlwind romance.

Yeah it was. I'm a very lucky lady. My Dad always told me, like most girls' fathers, please don't get married young, spend time with the guy. Whoever you end up marrying is going to be really lucky. I heard that my whole life and then my Dad met Paul and he said, 'I think you might be luckier in this situation.' He really is such a great guy.

We wrote a song together and it's about each other. [It is] on iTunes and it's called, 'Now That I’ve Found You.'

Was it love at first sight?

I knew from the second I met Paul, and I think he did too, that there was something different about that feeling. It wasn't just the feeling when you meet and you think that person's hot. It takes me a very long time to [think] something is real and trust in things, so although I felt something, we dated for four whole weeks where I didn't even kiss him or hold his hand. For four weeks we spent every day together and hung out. In that way it felt slow.

So after four weeks all bets were off.

After the four weeks we were like, 'Okay, we're in love.'

That's so wild you wrote the screenplay of "Thirteen."

It is wild. I'm still writing. I'm working on a screenplay now. I write on my blog all the time.

The movie is all about your turbulent teen years. Now that you're older, ever feel bad about what you put your parents through?

Yeah, there's definitely that. Now I have a great relationship with both my parents. I guess that's part of when you sign up to be a parent -- you also have a pot of forgiveness ready for your kid. That's why I think you have to be ready to be a parent. There's been a lot of 'I'm sorry' that I've said to my parents. But the beauty of that dynamic is that neither of them have any resentment over me torturing them.

You know you'll be paid back double when you have kids.

Oh I know that. That's why it's not happening right now. If I have a daughter, it's going to be hell. I know that.

Do you think there will be "Twilight" reunion movies in, say, 40 years time?

We'll be aged and that will be devastating for the world to see that vampires do age.

You'll have to invest in some serious plastic surgery.

Too bad I don't believe in it.

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