Nilda Vargas, Kidney Transplant Recipient, Gives Birth To Miracle Baby

Nilda Vargas, a 37-year-old police officer in the Bronx gave birth to 6-pound 4-ounce Ayden, who she calls her "miracle baby" on Wednesday. In 2008, Vargas learned that her kidneys were failing and was put on dialysis. She thought her disease meant she'd never become a mom.

"When I developed kidney disease I lost hope," Vargas told NY Daily News.

Luckily, her brother Jose was a match and was able to donate one of his kidneys to his sister on Aug. 4, 2008. Without the surgery, she wouldn't have been able to give birth -- which was her primary concern from the start, says Dr. Alan Benvenisty, Vargas' transplant surgeon.

"This is truly a miracle of modern medicine in my opinion," he added.

Vargas felt fine throughout her pregnancy, NY Daily News reports. But she was placed on bed rest during the last month because of the risks that accompany pregnancy after transplantand was monitored by three doctors at St. Luke's Roosevelt hospital.

There were some issues with her blood pressure, but Dr. Barak Rosenn, who delivered Ayden by C-section said she did "wonderfully well."

Jose Vargas saw his new nephew for the first time on Friday. "What a blessing and a miracle," he said.