Nile Rodgers: Madonna Asked Why I Wouldn't Have Sex With Her (VIDEO)

Nile Rodgers, the legendary musician and producer behind countless audio treasures (including Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"), stopped by HuffPost Live on Wednesday to share anecdotes from his storied career and promote his upcoming Nile Rodgers + CHIC Dance Party on August 19th in Riverhead, NY.

Rodgers produced Madonna's classic 1984 album "Like A Virgin", and he recounted a memorable tale about the pop superstar.

"So what happened is that we finished recording that particular day, and I think she was just feeling a little bit, um, insecure, if you will," explained Rodgers. "Remember, when I worked with Madonna, this was at the beginning of her career. So, um, she was feeling a little bit insecure because I wasn't hitting on her, I guess everybody used to hit on Madonna."

He continued, "So we finished the session and it went great, and I was leaving the studio, and she walked out to the elevator and went, 'Nile, do you think I'm sexy?' "

Rodgers detailed the rest of the conversation, which took a blunt and hilarious turn.

Check out the above clip to hear the entire story.

While in studio, Rodgers also discussed working with Daft Punk and how the hit song "Get Lucky" materialized. Watch that clip below, and check out the full segment here.