Nile Rodgers Reveals Upcoming Music With Avicii, Adam Lambert, & David Guetta (VIDEO)

Nile Rodgers’ success with Daft Punk’s chart-topping hit, “Get Lucky” has resulted in the iconic Chic band member collaborating with other big names in dance music.

During last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, Rodgers opened up to Billboard on how the hit single contributed to additional recording opportunities.

“I’m not really sure if it was directly related to Daft Punk, because in fact, we did the record more than a year ago,” he admitted. “So I was working like crazy all along. As a matter of fact, at the time that we worked, half of the reason that I could only do three songs was because I already working. But it’s amazing where we are right now with the record is just extraordinary.”

"The guy I'm working with mostly right now is Avicii. We've cut like six records together and we've got the new record with Adam Lambert," he revealed. "We just cut three records last week. My God, David Guetta! I've already done two tracks with [him]. And some more underground stuff with Tensnake, Chace & Status."

Check out more of Nile Rodgers’ future recording plans and his thoughts the resurgence of 70s dance music in the clip above.



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