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Nina Agdal: 'If Somebody Tells You To Lose Weight, It Is Like A Punch In The Face'

We'd like to think that Victoria's Secret Angels and Sports Illustrated models are amongst the most self-secure human beings on the planet -- but it turns out, they're just as sensitive as the rest of us.

Speaking to Ocean Drive magazine, Nina Agdal revealed that, despite being hand-selected to model lingerie and bikinis, it's hard for her to keep her chin up when faced with weight criticism. "There have been times when people have told me to lose weight or tone up certain areas," she said. Yah, we can't believe it, either.

The model continued:

"There is a difference between toning up and losing weight. You shouldn’t tell skinny girls to lose weight because it hurts. It hurts no matter who you are and how skinny you are or how big you are. If somebody tells you to lose weight, it is like a punch in the face."

Agdal does bring to light a big problem in the fashion industry. With beauty standards increasingly moving towards the thinner end of the spectrum, models are feeling the pressure to constantly lose weight, whether or not that's a healthy decision for them.

What's more, the questionably effective counteracting measures like Vogue's Health Initiative haven't done much to change the images we're seeing in the pages of magazines. It's not hard to imagine how the models' insecurities can extend to the average woman flipping through these glossies.

Luckily, with industry heavyweights like Agdal (and Crystal Renn and Robyn Lawley) voicing their concerns over the pressure to stay thin, the conversation has already been started. See Agdal's cover for Ocean Drive below and tell us if anyone in their right mind would tell her to change one single thing.


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