Nina Dobrev's Thoughts On Body Image Are Real As Heck

"Nobody’s perfect. I have cheat days, I eat burgers, I like brownies!"

Nina Dobrev has always been passionate about health and fitness, but under the Hollywood spotlight, she tries even harder to show her young fans that trying your best is the way to do it.

The “Vampire Diaries” star is teaming up with Reebok and Les Mills for an “organic” partnership focused on connectivity and positivity, and she’s eager to promote a lifestyle that’s all about bettering yourself.

“I don’t know if it’s my DNA, but I need to do something active every single day. I need to take some time for just me and remove myself from the daily stresses and pressures that are going on around me,” Dobrev told HuffPost. “When you’re in a workout, you don’t have your cellphone, you’re not reachable, nobody can contact you and it’s good not only for your physical state but your mental state, as well. So I make it a very high priority.”

“I’m a person just like anybody else. I’m a girl and I have insecurities of my own. So I think being a positive example by practicing what I preach hopefully sends out a good message.”

- Nina Dobrev

Dobrev has been very busy as of late, being a bridesmaid, starring in blockbusters, wrapping up a beloved TV show and filming upcoming projects, but the 28-year-old is dedicated to sticking to a routine. Let’s face it, though, cheat days are a part of the gig.

“Like anyone, it comes in ebbs and flows and you have good days and bad days,” she said. “I’m a person just like anybody else. I’m a girl and I have insecurities of my own. So I think being a positive example by practicing what I preach hopefully sends out a good message. It’s about showing people it’s not always easy,” she added. “When you’re running around you might be less healthy or have a cheat day, but that’s OK because we’re all human. We have to take care of ourselves to the best of our ability and be realistic with our goals ... Nobody’s perfect. I have cheat days, I eat burgers! I like brownies! It’s just once I get to the gym I have to work twice as hard is all.”


Dobrev stays focused thanks to her squad, which consists of gal pals like Julianne Hough, Lauren Paul, Riawna Capri and Jessica Szohr. Gossiping during girls night never killed anyone, right?

“Friendship is very important to me and I have an incredible group of very supportive, talented, wonderful, beautiful girlfriends inside and out. We spend a lot of time together working out and cooking and watching movies and taking care of each other and ourselves,” she told HuffPost. “I get the girls together and cook at home. We’ll grab a recipe book and close our eyes, flip the pages, put our finger down and, depending on what we land on, we go to the grocery store, get the ingredients and then we will be in the kitchen attempting to make this said recipe. Or we’ll watch a movie or play games or chat, gossip, and then jump in my hot tub with some wine.”

Dobrev recently traded in her hot tub for a lake when she served as a bridesmaid in Hough’s wedding to Brooks Laich near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She raved about the happy couple and their special day.

“It was magical, that’s truly the only way to describe it,” Dobrev told HuffPost. “You could feel the love, the energy was palpable. And I feel like they were really able to capture the wedding beautifully in photos and it was just as breathtaking there as it was in the pictures.”

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