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Nina Garcia Will See New York Fashion Week Through Google Glass (PHOTO)

We love learning about all the hottest trends during New York Fashion Week, whether we're focusing on a silhouette, a color or a must-have accessory. This season, the look of the moment is super sleek: Google Glass.

Nina Garcia of "Project Runway" and Marie Claire fame will wear the high-tech specs throughout the industry's biggest events, Women's Wear Daily reveals, broadcasting her enviable perspective across the Internet.

As dorky as Google Glass may seem, we're not terribly surprised by its high-fashion perch -- after all, the tool debuted during New York Fashion Week last year, when Diane von Fursteberg accessorized her wrap-dressed runway with Google Glass.

We're excited that fashion fans around the globe can literally adopt an insider's perspective into a notoriously exclusive world. With Glass' technology, we'll be able to attend parties and presentations with Nina. Hopefully, this haute partnership will encourage Google to manufacture trendier frames...


google glass

Here's how it went down last season:

Sergey Brin, Diane von Furstenberg & Yvan Mispelaere

Diana Von Furstenberg's Google Collaboration

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