NINA Hypnotizes With Electropop Earworm 'We Are The Wild Ones' (EXCLUSIVE)

Your new chillpop chanteuse obsession has arrived. This fall has been ruled by pop princesses like Katy Perry, Gaga and Miley, but this new track by NINA will spice up your playlist for the season.

Going by the stage name NINA, and hailing from Berlin, her new track "We Are the Wild Ones" sounds like Lana Del Ray meets Robyn, or if Alison Goldfrapp had sung on the "Drive" soundtrack. The pulsing beat of the song with the distant echoes of NINA's voice will make you long for drives on deserted city streets.

The accompanying video (which you can watch above) even further illustrates the mood of the song -- the ability to feel lonely anywhere, even in a crowded disco.

NINA's new EP featuring "We Are the Wild Ones," with two remixes of the song and b-side "Waste of Love," is available Nov. 25 on iTunes.