9 iPad Apps That Are Changing Business: 24/7 Wall St.

From 24/7 Wall St.: It was not long ago that computers revolutionized the way people do business across the world, fully changing the way that people communicate and organize their personal and professional lives. The downside to the revolution is that it was limited to the office. Even with the advent of the laptop, portable computing still required a desk and a chair. Apple’s iPad has broken down that last barrier.

The iPad is incredibly portable. Combined with Apple’s cloud computing technology, which allows iPads to seamlessly sync up with a user’s personal computer, the iPad is opening up a number of doors for on-site computing. This is changing, and will continue to change, the way that business works.

For many professionals, the iPad is reducing the time they must spend at a PC. Lawyers, doctors and contractors, among others, can more easily take work out of the office. Consider a real estate agent preparing for a full day of showings. With the right app, an iPad can provide property information, scheduling, contact with clients and more — all on the go.

The new generation of iPad apps is also aiding professions where PC use has been historically limited. Pilots, for instance, must carry upwards of 90 pounds of informational papers with them on each flight. Now, there are apps that do essentially the same thing. And better than their paper and ink counterparts, the apps offer immediate and up-to-date information. Hairdressers, who frequently work at a number of different locations, can make appointments, contact customers and organize financial data from the chair of any salon.

24/7 Wall St. has identified professions that have significant need for mobile computing, where traditional laptop PCs were insufficient for all their mobile needs. We then reviewed the iPad App Store to identify the most popular ones for these business, based on the store’s rankings for “Top Rated,” “Best Selling” and “Highest Grossing” apps. These are the best overall apps, as evidenced by broad adoption, that are poised to change how these businesses work.

Here are the 9 iPad apps that are changing the way business is being done according to 24/7 Wall St.:

9 iPad Business Apps