This Is What It Would Be Like To Buy A Cat From Christopher Walken

Kevin Spacey learns firsthand in an exclusive clip from "Nine Lives."

Harry Potter was once told that a wizard does not choose a wand -- it chooses the wizard. The same logic applies to the mysterious pet store that Christopher Walken runs in "Nine Lives," in which Kevin Spacey is transformed into the cat he adopts and must make good with his family to return to his human form. The Huffington Post has an exclusive clip from the movie that features Walken explaining his shop's mystic properties. 

"Nine Lives" is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, who has made "The Addams Family," the "Men in Black" trilogy and the first two episodes of "Pushing Daisies." Also starring Jennifer Garner and Cheryl Hines, the comedy opens Aug. 5. Catch the fluffy scene below.



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