Ninja Cameraman Is The Real Star Of This Awesome Parkour Video

Sneak peek shows how free-running clips are filmed.

Parkour stars get all the glory, but what about the people who film them pulling their dangerous stunts?

You've probably never thought about them, but that's about to change -- starting now.

Footage posted online Friday shows ninja cameraman Florian Hatwagner running across monkey bars, while holding a heavy Steadicam rig in one hand, to deftly record adrenaline junkie Jason Paul swinging below.

The fascinating behind-the-scenes clip was posted to professional free-runner Paul's official Facebook page.

"When a Ninja does your camerawork!" Paul wrote alongside the video, which was part of a promo for camera company Nikon.

Austria-based camera operator Hatwagner specializes "in shooting whilst running, jumping and leaping over obstacles of all sorts," according to his own website and Instagram page.

Here are some more examples of his awesome handiwork where -- despite having to keep close to the free-runner -- he always stays one step ahead to capture some seriously smooth video.

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