'Ninja' Inspired By TV Caught After Stealing $30,000 In Merch From Nordstrom

'Ninja' Inspired By TV Stole $30,000 In Merch From Nordstrom

A man dressed in "a Ninja-like outfit" was arrested after stealing $30,000 in merchandise from the Nordstrom where he worked and attempting to sell it on eBay.

Carlo Settecase, 21, worked as a switchboard operator at the Nordstrom location in the Westfield Old Orchard mall. On the night of September 5, he apparently slept under his desk at the store, donned an all-black outfit and went on a spree.

"It was just all black and stuff," Skokie police officer Tammy Jacobsen told the Tribune Tuesday. "Other than to mask his identity I don't know what his reasoning was behind that."

But it wasn't long before Settecase's ninja plan began to come apart, according to the Sun-Times Media Wire:

... [A] cleaning crew found Settecase sleeping under his desk about 2 a.m. on Sept. 6. He explained he worked there and had nowhere else to stay. He told the same story to another employee who found him under the desk around 8 a.m.

But when an "alert" employee noticed several items missing from the store, Skokie police were called. Management told police about Settecase being in the store overnight, and under questioning, he admitted his crime, Jacobsen said.

And as for his motivations for the crime? From UPI:

Police said Settecase told officers his crimes were inspired by the TV shows "The Sopranos," "Dexter" and "Breaking Bad" because the characters on those shows evaded capture by police.

Unfortunately for Settecase, he proved neither ninja nor Dexter. He's due in court Friday, October 1, in Skokie.

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