Ninja Robber Wanted For A Dozen Holdups In South Florida (VIDEO)

Officers across South Florida are hunting for an elusive -- and armed -- holdup artist dubbed the "Ninja Robber."

The perp, who wears a black ninja-style mask and often brandishes a gun, is suspected of robbing more than a dozen convenience stores and businesses in Broward and Miami Dade counties over recent months, according to WPTV.

"He holds people up with no regard for anyone in the store," North Miami Beach Det. Michael Stein told CBS News. "[He] points his gun at everybody. He’s jeopardizing a lot of lives. This has to stop."

The alleged gunman tends to strike in the evening and go straight for the cash register, Stein said.

In one surveillance video, the suspect can be seen lifting a register and slamming it to the ground, then grabbing the cash and fleeing. In another, he held a gun to a clerk's head, WPLG reported.

His face is obscured by the ninja mask, but police say he is a white male with a stocky build.

Stein said the robber grows more bold with each passing day.

"He is getting more brazen and he’s getting more violent," Stein said. "Before he kills somebody, or jeopardizes an officer or himself, we’d like for this to stop."



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