Is This Thief A Ninja Or Just Some Guy In A Leather Jacket?

"I don’t see too many swords," an officer said.

Does this man look like a ninja? 

According to the Associated Press, he might. "Man wearing ninja mask robs pharmacy with sword," the news organization reported following a robbery Wednesday night at a Walgreens in Placentia, California. But we can't help but notice he just looks like a white dude rocking a leather jacket. 

Lt. Eric Point of the Placencia Police said the thief "just pointed a sword at the clerk and demanded cash." The man took off with $200 from one cash register.

So far, so dramatic. But once we got a still from the surveillance video, we had to question the use of the word "ninja." 

This doesn't look like a ninja in a shinobi shozoko, taking inspiration from the ancient art of ninjutsu. He looks more like a regular thief. 

An employee who answered the phone at the pharmacy but refused to give us his name agreed. "It was more like a ski mask and a machete, not a ninja mask and a sword," said the man, who saw the surveillance video. "Like those things you use in the jungle." 

Point tells us he thinks the man's mask looks more like a balaclava, and that he had a sword rather than a machete. "Whether it was real, I don’t know," he said. "A machete would be thicker than that. It certainly could be some kind of martial arts blade.”

The theft was unusual for a few reasons. Pharmacy thieves tend to go for narcotics rather than cold, hard cash. And, well, the guy had a sword. "Usually it’s a handgun or a knife of some type," Point says. "I don’t see too many swords."

Police detectives are still looking for the suspect, who was described as an approximately 29-year-old white man with curly brown hair. Nobody was injured in the attack.