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Ninja Wanted For Part-Time Job, No Experience Necessary

Wanted: Part-time ninja for entry-level position. No experience required, training available.

Yes, that's an actual job listing. Posted on Hello Japan, a government-run employment website, the listing says the ninja will be given black clothing and a "book of secrets" to teach from.

The company writes in another listing that while someone with actual ninja experience is preferred, the ideal candidate is someone who likes both ninjas and children.

That's got to be a dream job for someone; just don't expect to be teaching actual ninjas.

The gig is for working with students, elementary school-age and older, during hourlong Sunday classes at the Tanaka Ninja School in Nagoya. The school is part of a larger company that offers a wide range of cultural classes for children and adults.

The ninja class for kids focuses on ninja etiquette and greetings as well as attitude and cooperation.

"Decipher the book of secrets and enjoy learning ninjutsu," the company promises prospective students on its website.

Let's hope the kids aren't too disappointed when the teacher doesn't break out any ninja moves. The job listing says they're not required for the class.

"It's no problem if you can't do acrobatics and martial arts because you will not be teaching acrobatics and martial arts," the ad notes.

The only downside to being an inexperienced part-time ninja who likes kids is that it's not especially lucrative. The pay starts at 900 yen ($8.73) per hour, with a travel reimbursement of 1,000 ($9.71) yen per day.

But you didn't become a ninja for the money, did you?