Nintendo Flask Allows You To Drink Whiskey And Think Of Your Childhood

The Most Amazing Retro Flask You Didn't Know You Want

We've all been there: You're back home from college for the holidays and going through some of your old things. You find those old original Nintendo Entertainment System game cartridges and wish that you could drink alcohol from them.

Wait, what?

So maybe you never actually thought that, but thanks to a successful Kickstarter effort, you'll soon be able to get your very own NES flask.

Matt Cornell, inventor of the Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask, blew past his $12,000 goal and raised $39,905 towards this invention. The Kickstarter is now closed, however, the company is now accepting preorders online. The company will sell flasks labeled as parodies of classic NES games, like "Super Bar-Hop Bros." and "Drunk Hunt."

They run at $20 a piece, except for the $15 charge for "Drunk Hunt," or you can get all of them in the "Collector's Pack" for $70.

And it appears the company is already dreaming up how they might display these flasks:

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