Nir Rosen Talks Regrets, Twitter And Lara Logan With NYU Local

One day after his Twitter remarks about journalist Lara Logan's sexual attack in Cairo blew up the blogosphere and sabotaged his career, journalist Nir Rosen is speaking out in a more measured fashion.

In an interview with NYU Local, Rosen expressed regret for his tweets, which said that Logan "had to outdo [journalist] Anderson [Cooper]," who was attacked in Cairo a few weeks ago. He also said that Logan does not deserve sympathy because of her war-mongering past. (See photos of all the tweets here.)

Rosen later resigned from his post as a fellow at NYU's Center on Law and Security.

Rosen told NYU Local that he regretted his departure and that he decided to step down on his own accord. "U.S. academic establishments are already under attack from the right, and my Center at NYU stood to be harmed by the pack of dogs sent to take me down," he said. "I did not want to harm a very important center or the work of people I greatly admire."

However, Rosen wasn't about to recant his strong opinions, expressing his distaste for the "celebrity culture" of the mainstream media.

"Had Logan been a non-white journalist this story would have never made it to the news," he said.

Read the interview in full here.