Democrats Bringing In Nixon Lawyer John Dean To Talk About The Mueller Report

Dean was closely involved in the Watergate scandal.

House Democrats couldn’t get President Donald Trump’s White House counsel to testify about Robert Mueller’s special counsel report. So they’re calling in President Richard Nixon’s instead.

Former White House counsel John Dean will testify before the House Judiciary Committee on June 10, committee chair Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) said Monday. The hearing, titled “Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes,” will also feature former U.S. attorneys and legal experts.

John Dean testifies before Congress at a Watergate hearing in 1973.
John Dean testifies before Congress at a Watergate hearing in 1973.

Nadler said in a statement that the first hearing would focus on “President Trump’s most overt acts of obstruction,” while subsequent hearings would focus on other parts of the Mueller report.

“We have learned so much even from the redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Russia attacked our elections to help President Trump win, Trump and his campaign welcomed this help and the President then tried to obstruct the investigation into the attack. Mueller confirmed these revelations and has now left Congress to pick up where he left off,” Nadler said.

“No one is above the law,” he continued. “These hearings will allow us to examine the findings laid out in Mueller’s report so that we can work to protect the rule of law and protect future elections through consideration of legislative and other remedies.”

Dean in 2018.
Dean in 2018.

Dean was closely involved in the Watergate scandal, and pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in 1973. He cooperated with Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox, and testified against other Watergate conspirators at trial. He was eventually sentenced to time served, which was the equivalent of about four months of imprisonment. 

Dean has more recently been a cable news regular, telling CNN in April that the Mueller report was “devastating” and “more damning” than the Senate Watergate Committee report, the Iran Contra report and Ken Starr’s report on Bill Clinton.