'No Bra Day' 2013 Prompts Women To Celebrate On Twitter

According to the Internet, July 9th is National No Bra Day.

For the third year in a row, women everywhere are being encouraged to take off their brassieres and let their breasts "free" for the day. Not that most women need a specified day to "celebrate" going bra-free. Last year Ann Brenoff wrote a blog for HuffPost Women fondly reminiscing about her braless 20s:

I spent a dozen years bra-free and trust me, it was all about comfort ... Once you put them on, bras just aren't all that comfortable, especially if you have actual breasts. (You size A cups may feel free to leave the post now, since you likely won't have a clue what I'm talking about.) Underwires cut and leave marks; straps dig into your shoulders and at the end of the day, your back and neck hurt.

As Yahoo! Shine's Piper Weiss pointed out then, it's 100 percent unclear why this "holiday" exists, who exactly started it and what the end goal is. "Launched by an anonymous internet user self-titled 'Anastasia Doughnuts,' the cause has women of all bra sizes a bit befuddled," Weiss wrote. "Is it an homage to bra-burners of the '60s? A grassroots breast cancer awareness program?" Although "Anastasia Donuts" emailed Weiss saying that it was supposed to raise awareness for breast cancer, none of the Facebook pages dedicated to the day mention women's health.

We think women should wear bras if and when they want to and take them off if and when they want to. But there's no denying that removing your bra at the end of a long work day can be seriously satisfying. And judging from #NoBraDay tweets, many women agree: