Superman 2: The Other Side of the Story

Education is in a crisis.

Set off the alarms. Students and parents everywhere are desperately Waiting for Superman to come and save the day. Oprah is shouting for Americans to wake up. The only good schools are charter schools. Public schools are failing to educate our students.

But wait, students at Laurelville Elementary seem to be doing well. Parent surveys show high levels of satisfaction with this school and the Logan Elm Local School District. The school just earned an excellent rating from the Ohio Department of Education. So what is the truth about the status of education today?

I know, let's do like they did in the movie and talk to some students.

Logan was a student in Reading Workshop four years ago. He didn't like school and had to work hard, but he managed to get through with a lot of effort. This year he enrolled in the carpentry program at the local vocational school. He is excited about learning a trade, and the fact that he can learn about something that really interests him.

Hannah started Jr. High this year. She is on an advanced track academically which will help her prepare for college. She was a leader on her volleyball team. Her progress can be followed on her blog, Hannah's Hideout.

Julie was here last week as a substitute teacher. She was a student here eleven years ago. She has graduated from college and is certified to teach primary school. She enjoyed her day here and recently was hired to help with intervention for struggling students.

Rebekha graduated last year. She is attending Ohio Dominican University and plays softball there. Her younger sister, Rhianna is a currently a student here. You can read more about their story on Rhianna's blog.

Sara is currently a student at Laurelville. She has videotaped her first movie. She is writing daily, and sharing her thoughts on her blog, Sara's Secrets. She is the third of four sisters to excel at Logan Elm.

Now I am really confused. Everywhere that Davis Guggenheim looks, he sees failure. The five students he chose for his movie have tragic stories. I'll bet he is coming here to film Superman II just to be fair and show both sides of the story.