No, Canada Won't Get Me If Trump Wins


I was recently asked if I was going to move to Canada if the nightmare scenario of Trump being America's next president becomes reality; being a gay liberal-minded man Canada is undeniably quite attractive. Canada is pro-gay rights, liberals are in ascension there with a handsome and popular Prime Minister - so why would I stay in American under a Trump regime you might ask? The answer is the same reason I refused to abandon America since the day I was born a gay man in this country that literally branded me a criminal subversive at birth, the same reason I volunteered to serve my country in the United States Army during a time when gay soldiers were not only being kicked out of the military just for being gay but were also facing the very real danger of having our heads bashed-in by a baseball bat while we slept in the barracks! It's the same reason I refused to leave America when my fellow citizens enacted hateful anti-gay laws like DOMA and Prop 8. The reason I won't leave is because I LOVE America, and I have always fought with everything I had to make sure America lived up to its bedrock ideals of fairness and equality.

As a gay man I have no children of my own, but through my brothers, as well as my marriage to my husband, I now have young brilliant and beautiful nieces and nephews that run the racial spectrum, White, African-American, and Korean-American. In them I see America's promise and I would never abandon them or the fight for their future in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I truly hope that America will make the right decision and elect Hillary Clinton our next president but if America falls prey to Trump's fear mongering and racist hatred, then I will stand as I always have and my voice will only grow stronger. Nothing worth having comes easy or without setbacks but I no longer fear the struggle because I know I stand on the right side of history, for as Martin Luther King Jr. once said: 'The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.'